Welcome to Pinnacle Archery

Building custom compound bow strings, custom wrist slings and bow string wax for todays competition,  hunting and backyard archers.

Our mission always has been and always will be making a quality product that meets or exceeds ours as well as your expectations. Whether it is a set of strings for the biggest shoot of the year or to help you tag your trophy. Or just some of our accessories to help pimp your bow and make it an original you can count on our products.

Our bowstrings are made of Bcy products with the options of 452x, Trophy, and 8190 Extreme. Strings are prestretched and served under tension for superior servings and no stretch or peep rotation. Halo serving is now standard on all strings with 62xs for center servings.

We have 6 different styles of wrist slings in 2 different kinds of para cord. The standard 3mm diameter or a smaller 2mm or micro diameter. 2 styles of  finger slings. Ones standard style offered in 3 different sizes and the Elite series which have hand tied tensioners and wrap over the middle which you choose the colors for.
Any questions or comments about any of our products or services please call. Dealer inquires welcome! 208-755-6023.